Good Character English Animation Series

The “Good Character English Animation Series” launched by the Education University of Hong Kong, presents a series of animations to promote the self-directed learning of English by junior primary students as a part or an extension of school curriculum. The theme of the vocabulary will be in broad alignment with the topics in the current English Textbooks and school curriculum, and at the same time the animation will be integrated with the ten positive values in the realm of life and moral education which promoted by EDB in Moral, Civic and National Education. Each of the animations comes with a guidance notes for parents and teachers’ use.

Education Practitioners and Scholarly English Talks

Launched by the Education University of Hong Kong, well-known education practitioners were invited to share their professional advice and/or resources for junior primary students to learn English in the “Education Practitioners and Scholarly English Talks”. In the series of the videos, they will share how to facilitate English learning with kids at home and in schools. Teaching and/or learning materials will be provided for each of the videos.

  • To Learn English with Kids at Home 
  • Ways for Kids with Different Learning Styles in Learning English 
  • Tips and Resources for Parents to co-learn English with Kids 
  • Establish Good Reading Habits 
  • Learning English with Fun 

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